When it comes to the food you put in front of your family "Yes, it does make a difference"

About us

Every batch of our salt free spices has a starting point.  Henry Blake Spice Company started with thoughts of our family’s rich history and we knew that our spices had to have that same richness, as well as, the best quality. So we began by selecting the best and freshest herbs and spices to create our salt free spice blends. Starting out in our very own kitchen - we knew that our spices had to be healthy, flavorful, and salt free. Longevity and wellness for our family is a must. 

Years were spent getting the right handcrafted spices to the perfect blend of flavors. Only the best was made for our family and now, like many others that have experienced the flavors and health benefits of our handcrafted spice blends- you can, too.  We expect that once you have tried Henry Blake spices it will be your number one choice for you and your family, too.  We've spent years obsessing over our craft and have developed the perfect salt free spice blends to make your meals memorable.

Henry Blake Spices are not your typical salt free spice blends. We only introduce the best all-natural ingredients with no additives or fillers. Our carefully selected ingredients have been combined to encompass everything that stands for goodness. Our blends are unlike anything out there; they are simple, salt free, but far from plain. Love Henry Blake Spice Company? Spread the word.