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Cayenne You Handle It?

Cayenne You Handle It?

Spices come in a variety of flavors, colors, and textures. They empower dishes and boost the body’s health in a variety of ways, but one of the most notorious ingredients is hot peppers. Some love a kick in their food, others hate it, but regardless of your preference spicy food’s taste-bud-maelstrom also boasts a number of health benefits. Cayenne pepper is one of the more popular of the spicy peppers, known for having a more bearable kick and wonderful benefits. If you’re looking to throw some Jamaican zing to your dishes, the Henry Blake Spice Company’s Jamaican Jerk Rub is a must have. Click here to check it out. Cayenne pepper is the number one ingredient.

Cayenne pepper takes the crown for healthful ingredients with a kick, and this red hot pepper comes loaded with almost unbelievable benefits. It’s been known to aid digestive health, blood pressure, stop/prevent cancerous cell growth, increase heart health (even stop heart attacks according to a Dr. John Christopher), aid weight loss, plus a litany of other things.

One of the things that make up Cayenne pepper is Capsicum. Capsicum helps increase enzyme production in the stomach, and it also helps increase the flow of gastric juices. Further, eating cayenne pepper makes your mouth salivate, which is also key in digestion. Like black pepper, cayenne also helps clear out congestion, so it’s great for relieving symptoms of the cold and flu.

Various reports have shown that cayenne pepper helps regulate the flow of blood through the veins (most report it doing so instantly). Also, this little red pepper has the ability to bring toxins to the surface of your body (through your blood) so that your body can expel them. Studies have also shown that it helps with blood clots (which is also good for general heart health).

Though there aren’t currently any studies directly proving that cayenne pepper is effective at removing cancer cells in humans, tests have been run on mice and showed a high rate of destruction for cancerous cells. Because it also helps regulate a variety of other bodily functions, it helps keep your body in tip top shape which will allow you to fight off cancerous cells as well.

Food is one of the main contributors to our body’s health and weight, and cayenne pepper can actually help consumers lose weight. Studies have shown that eating cayenne pepper helps suppress the appetite, but it also helps your body burn additional calories because of its ability to raise your core temperature (think of sweating when eating a hot food). Cayenne pepper isn’t a miracle weight loss remedy, but it can certainly act as a partner for those seeking to shed a few pounds through their diet.

So, the question shouldn’t be whether or not you can handle cayenne pepper, but really how much of the pepper can you handle? Even if spicy foods aren’t your thing, it’s worth adding this to your diet. The Henry Blake Spice Company’sJamaican Jerk Rub has just the right amount of spice so that you aren’t overwhelmed with anything aside from how good it tastes. Check out the rub for an easy way to add it to your diet without compromising your health by adding too much sodium (they have no salt in their spices!). So don’t be shy with this pepper. Get out there and ask your friends if they cayenne handle it too.