When it comes to the food you put in front of your family "Yes, it does make a difference"

It's about Thyme

It’s About Thyme

Reducing your sodium intake is a time-tested way to lead a healthier, happier life. Salt is a seasoning that enhances the good tastes; so trying to cut it out of your diet without an adequate replacement may leave your tongue in turmoil. As discussed in a previous post, there are a number of seasonings that add all the flavor and none of the salt, and understanding the ingredients in some of these seasonings will help you to understand why switching to salt free is beneficial in more ways than one.Thyme https://henryblakespicecompany.com

If you haven’t already guessed it, this post is about thyme. You have probably heard about this little plant regardless of whether or not you’ve used it, but it’s about time you understood just how beneficial it is to your health. One of the better pairings for thyme is chicken, and you can check out a great poultry seasoning from Henry Blake Spice Company, LLC by clicking here. Thyme is the first ingredient in this particular seasoning, but the benefits of its use go well beyond adding a distinct and delightful layer of flavor.Salt free Poultry seasoning http://henryblakespicecompany.com

Blood Pressure

Salt is a big contributor to high blood pressure, a condition that can lead to death if untreated. There are plenty of pills that can artificially treat hypertension, but thyme is one of the plants that can aid in lowering blood pressure to healthy levels. It promotes healthy blood flow, circulation, and oxygenation in the body, which in turn also leads to a healthier heart. Thyme also contains a number of vitamins that have direct, positive results on the heart and the flow of blood (specifically potassium).Heart health

Immune System Support

Thyme is comprised of a compound that can prevent viral and bacterial infections from taking hold. If the infections can’t take root in your body, you stay healthier. Some people also use thyme as a natural disinfectant around their home, but it works inside the body as well as outside the body. Further, thyme is chocked full of antioxidants, which can lead to a boosted immune system and an overall surge in your body’s ability to fight off sickness. According to Dr. Axe (website), thyme is in the top 10 list of all herbs when it comes to antioxidant count (measured by weight).

General Bodily Healthy

Aside from your heart and your immune system, thyme can help your eyes and improve your mood. Thyme contains a good bit of Vitamin A (76% of your recommended daily intake per 100 grams), which promotes healthy eyesight. In addition to the physical benefits, thyme can also push your mood in a positive direction. Thyme contains Vitamin B-6, which has been shown to increase the body’s ability to create serotonin: a chemical that is produced in the brain to experience happiness. Without Vitamin B-6, your body suffers and so does your mood (thyme contains about 30% of your recommended daily intake per 100 grams).

So isn’t it time you added more thyme to your diet? Living the salt-free lifestyle isn’t always easy, but the more you learn about how to season your foods without salt, the better off you’ll be. Henry Blake’s Spice Company has a number of good spices, and two that you can find with thyme are the Poultry Herb and Spice Blend and the Jamaican Jerk Rub. If you want to learn more about thyme, click here to go to a comprehensive page about the nutritional punch this tiny herb packs. Thyme is of the essence, so get out there and go against the grain! Until next thyme.