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The Healthy Layers of Onions

The Healthy Layers of Onions

Living the salt-free lifestyle can be difficult, and finding the right seasonings to replace the salt may bring you to tears from time to time. However, you’ll be crying tears of joy when you discover the pleasures and benefits of using onion in your dishes. Though if you’re using fresh onions, cutting them can make you cry as well (to prevent this, try chilling them in the freezer for 10 to 15 minutes before you start cutting, and use a sharp knife). If you don’t have the time or tears for fresh onions, onion powder is your next bet, and the Henry Blake Spice Company has a great Jamaican Jerk Rubthat includes onion powder.

The onion is one of the world’s most popular and versatile vegetables, and the many layers hold a number of great benefits. Aside from adding bold flavor to virtually any type of dish, they also help prevent a variety of diseases, boost immunity, reduce inflammation, promote healthy skin, and even relieve stress.

One of the top diseases onions help to fight off is diabetes. The bulb vegetable contains compounds called chromium and biotin, and when paired together these two help regulate blood sugar.  They also help the body to be more receptive to insulin. On top of that, they also help prevent cancer because they contain good amounts of a plant flavonoid called quercetin. Quercetin is rich in antioxidants that help combat cancerous-causing free radicals in the body.  You can find out more information about quercetin by clicking here (quercetin also helps with controlling high blood pressure, which is one of the harmful side effects of too much sodium).

Vitamin C is one of the better-known vitamins when it comes to staying healthy. Like most vegetables, onions also have a good amount of vitamin C. Onions have phytochemicals that work in tandem with the Vitamin C so that your body can better absorb it. Aside from general immunity boosting powers, this vitamin also helps keep the skin and hair healthy (vitamin C helps build collagen in the body, which is key to healthy skin and hair).  Along with the vitamin C, onions also have folate, which can lead to a better night’s sleep. Sleeping is crucial to a healthy immune system.

Quercetin also helps in the reduction of stress because of its ability to inhibit the production of an enzyme called cortisol. Cortisol is a stress enzyme that is fine in small amounts, but too much and your body begins to suffer (it is also one of the enzymes that tell your body to retain belly fat, which is the gateway to many other ailments). See more about cortisol here.

So though onions may make you cry at times, at the end of the day they cause more good than harm. Like most vegetables, they are at their healthiest before they are processed, but some health benefits are still found in the processed form (like the powders found in seasonings, etc.). Most people don’t have time to cut up all of their own vegetables before cooking, and if you’re like most, seasonings are your bread and butter when it comes to making food taste good. Using the best seasonings with the highest quality ingredients is imperative, and the Henry Blake Spice Companyhas your back. They make getting the best flavors easy. If you’re looking for a great rub that will add a kick to any meat, check out their Jamaican Jerk Rub and keep living the salt free life.  Until next time, get out there and live against the grain!