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The Terrific Turmeric

The Terrific Turmeric

Every spice has its place. Some spices belong in every dish, while others are best used in special circumstances. Though salt has its uses, you’ve likely heard that adding too much to your diet is generally harmful to your health. However, if you live in the Western world you likely have little exposure to the spice that a good bit of the Eastern and Caribbean world has raved about for centuries. Turmeric continues to surprise scientist with new and exciting health benefits as the year’s progress. If you’re looking for an easy way to add it to your diet and spice up your food life, try Henry Blake Spice Company’s Jamaican Curry. Turmeric is the number one ingredient and it’s sure to provide just the right kick you need. Turmeric is the main ingredient in most good curries, and has a mildly bitter taste that pairs well with savory meats and veggies.

Centuries of continued use, as well as current research has pushed Turmeric toward the top of the spice “health chain”, and adding this into your diet will certainly do nothing but good. It contains powerful anti-inflammatory properties, digestive perks, can suppress cancerous cells, and can even boost cognitive function.

Turmeric’s most famous characteristic is the anti-inflammatory properties, and this is one of the reasons it’s essential to have on hand. Chronic inflammation leads to a swath of terrible diseases and symptoms, including continued pain, heart disease, and diabetes. Turmeric contains a compound known as curcumin that is one of the best, natural ways to fight inflammation. Though turmeric doesn’t have an overabundance of curcumin, every little bit helps mold you into your healthiest you.

Vast quantities of tests have been run and the results indicate that turmeric helps reduce cancer by detoxifying the body. In general, the body removes toxins by combining them with molecules and excreting them in some way. Turmeric bolsters the body’s ability to combine toxins with the other molecules, thus helping the body get rid of toxins naturally (or detox).

Some studies have also shown that turmeric does not always get absorbed through the stomach and intestines. Though this sounds counterintuitive, the spice staying in your body is a good thing. Because the properties of the spice have anti-inflammatory and anti microbial properties, it remaining in your intestinal tract can actual help aid in overall digestive health (refer to this article for more).

Though not as widely accepted just yet, turmeric has also been known to help improve your brain’s power and fight off brain-based ailments. There is a particular growth hormone in the brain (nicknamed BDNF) that when high, boosts memory and intelligence. Turmeric increases levels of BDNF, bringing out the best of your brain.

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 Turmeric has been tried, tested, and the results are terrific! Take the time to add this spice to your life and reap the benefits. Living the salt free lifestyle can be difficult at times, but with spices like turmeric at your disposal, going against the grain will be easier than ever.